How do you act when…

…you work with someone so irrelevant, but they insist on walking around and claiming to be someone they’re obviously not?

My workplace is a discombobulated mess.  The owner is a bright businessman, but neglects his employees and the fact that his presence is important here.  His C.O.O. is a shopping-obsessed airhead, and is more of a delegator than someone who makes sure that everything is “operating.”   On top of that, the aforementioned irrelevant person who walks around here is the owner’s brother–acting as if he is the doctor who runs the practice… and gets mad if someone doesn’t know who is… and gets butt-hurt if he’s not included in everything.  Dude.

You’re too damn old to have FOMO.  Homeboy is pushing 50 years old and is whining about not being informed about the upcoming Golf Tournament, or something as silly as Employee Appreciation Day.  But also complains that he’s too busy to do anything.

This is the type of person who just makes everything inefficient… who says he’ll help someone out if you need him, yet pushes the workload on to someone else.  Rather than standing between me and the person who needs the help, just let me deal with them directly so we’re not wasting anyone’s time here in the first place!  Homeboy also can’t even look up addresses.  If you can’t do that, then WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!  I’m sure he can.  He probably just doesn’t want to.

So now I’m stuck doing it.  I probably will say something if he says anything asinine again.

And to answer my own question…  I act indifferent.  I look at him blankly.  I also look at him in wonderment because I don’t know why he’s wasting my work time, breaking my focus… why he’s even around.  He doesn’t make anyone’s life easier. And if you’re so damn busy as you claim, then why the hell are you wasting time talking about how busy you are?!  Too damn busy running your mouth–that’s what you’re too busy doing.


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